4 Popular Benefits Of Fraxel Laser Treatment

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Fraxel laser treatments utilize non-ablative lasers which heat only the layer underneath your skin are used in this unique procedure to produce spectacular results in the form of smoother younger looking skin. 

If you have been considering a trip to the medical spa to relieve signs of premature aging such as dark spots and fine lines, check out four of the popular benefits of Fraxel laser treatment, and see if this procedure is right for you. Along with faces there are usually packages available for money saving bundles for your neck, chest, and hand treatments. 

1. Rebuilds Collagen

Fraxel laser treatment heats up the layer just under your skin which promotes new collagen formation. Collagen gives the skin structure and helps support the dermis. It is essential for a firmer, plumper look and works by filling in fine lines and wrinkles. Using Fraxel laser treatment to rebuild collagen provides you with tighter, more youthful looking skin.  

2. Safe & Effective

Fraxel laser treatment, which is FDA cleared for acne and surgical scars, freckles, skin discoloration, crow’s feet, and skin resurfacing. Recovery time for this procedure is brief in comparison to some other dermatological procedures for skin improvement.  Additionally it is reported to be safe for all ages, skin types, and tones. For safety, this treatment is not for pregnant or breastfeeding women along with certain skin conditions. Ask your professional for further information on contraindications.  

3. Virtually Pain-Free

With the proper preparation and planning Fraxel laser treatment is not typically painful. Everyone of course has a different pain threshold, but in general clients report very little discomfort with the treatments. There are no needles; just a topical anesthetic, which is very effective, and is applied to the area being worked on about an hour before your treatment begins. 

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Some people report feeling a “prickly” feeling as it moves across the skin. You may experience some redness, warmth, or tightness, but will be provided with aftercare instructions on how to care for your skin during its short recovery phase.  

4. Noticeable Difference

You will see immediate change in your skin from the very first session with Fraxel laser treatment. On average patients need anywhere from three to five Fraxel laser sessions to see the best results when working on fine lines, dark spots, and scars. After two or three months you will definitely see a difference in your appearance and improvement can continue for up to a year.

Lasting Results

Fraxel creates change in your skin structure which becomes permanent along with new collagen deposits. Taking care of your newer skin is important and you should protect it with sunscreen to avoid sun damage. The length of time you will continue to see the benefits of Fraxel will vary from person to person depending on age, lifestyle choices, and skincare regimens. 

Remember to always obtain your Fraxel treatments from an experienced, skilled provider with the proper training. With Fraxel and proper care of your skin lasting results can be yours with younger, brighter, firmer looking skin.