4 Perfect Ways of Helping a Depressed Teenager

Sadness and loneliness

Teenagers face a lot of challenges, making them feel sad and irritable. Issues such as academic expectations and changes in their bodies can lead to frustrations. The feeling can make the hopeless and helpless, which can cause depression.  

Teen depression is a mood affective disorder that affects how your teenager thinks, behaves, or feels, and it can cause serious issues at school and their social life. The good thing is that this health problem is treatable if you offer support and guidance to your teenagers. 

But how can you help your depressed teenager? Here are four ways of helping a depressed teenager:

Explain To the Teenager about Depression

Teenagers are likely to feel different and out of place. That’s why most of them love staying in exclusive areas or find it challenging to engage in their normal routines. It is good to explain teen depression and let your teenager know that it is like other illnesses. 

Tell them that it is treatable, and they should not feel alone or abnormal since you are there to provide help and guidance. With this, they are likely to ask you questions or tell you about how they feel or think.

Listen To the Teenager

Most depressed teenagers feel that they are a burden to their loved ones. As a parent or a senior, it is good to offer a supportive relationship to your teenager. Let them know that there is always a person they can turn to when faced with challenges. That’s why it is good to look for a quiet place and have a conversation with them.

Provide full attention and give them time to share their thoughts, even if it takes more time to get the words out. It is good to avoid finishing their sentences or filling in the pauses as it can cause interruption. Summarize what the teenager says by letting them know that you understand their feelings and you will be there anytime they need help.

Help Them Get Professional Support

While your advice and support can make a difference in your teenager’s life, it is good to seek professional support. Teen depression treatments can help the teenager improve the symptoms. But if they resist seeing a professional, you can consider a counselor or a favorite teacher to tell them the importance of engaging in professional therapies.

Encourage Them to Exercise and Have a Good Nutrition

A depressed teenager may not feel like exercising or being active. But you need to encourage them to perform exercises such as yoga, breathing, and meditation. If they engage in the exercises more often, they will notice a difference in their mood.

Also, depression can affect a teenager’s appetite. Some might fail to eat while other consume a lot of meal which can affect their health. That’s why it is good to be mindful of bringing them the right nourishment. Giving them proper nutrition, such as plenty of fruits and vegetables, can influence their mood and energy.


Due to hormonal changes, social challenges, and academic pressure, many teenagers are suffering from depression. This situation makes them feel isolated and hopeless, making them believe that no one understands them. That’s why you need to provide care and guidance to help them regain their balance, have a quality lifestyle, and feel hopeful again.