3 Tips To Follow To Stay Safe At Work

Asian workplace

For most people, the workplace is where we spend the majority of our time, it’s just a simple fact of the world we live in. Hopefully, this is a positive experience for most, but even in the most well-liked work environments, problems arise. Whether you spend your day working at a desk or outside doing heavy construction, there are bound to be some hazards and risks present, another fact of life. Therefore, we had best be prepared for potential accidents, and stay focused on avoiding them in the first place! 

Responsible employers take a direct interest in the safety and well-being of their workforce, they know their people are their greatest resource and do everything in their power to protect them from possible harm. Recent innovations in workplace safety include the lone worker alarm, also known as “the man down alarm.” This ingenious system uses GPS technology and motion sensors to detect if a worker has fallen on the job and automatically sends out an alert! This kind of technology adds much to the safety net, but the reaction is still secondary to prevention, and while our employers bear the lion’s share of the responsibility, we must still take it upon ourselves to do whatever we can to keep ourselves safe while at work. Here are some common-sense tips that everyone can use to stay safe!

Follow Procedures 

Every job has certain procedures in place to ensure the job is done properly. By following them we not only do our best work, but we are also going to be in line with the best safety practices. Trying out shortcuts, even if you think you know better, is bound to lead to problems and even danger! Make sure to study your employee handbook and follow its guidelines, it’s in everyone’s best interests.

Wear Proper Safety Gear

Why certainly not required for every job we do, when it is required we had better make sure we are wearing the right stuff! Your company’s dress code will include safety gear as a prerequisite for performing tasks that have an inherent risk attached to them. One example of this is work that requires the handling of, and exposure to, hazardous materials. If you have on the right gear you will be protected and can work with these hazards safely. Not complying with your company’s safety gear requirements can end in serious illness and even death, so make sure to protect yourself by properly suiting up!

Emergency Response 

Say you are working at your desk and the fire alarm goes off- you smell smoke, so you know it’s not just a drill, do you know what to do? All workers should know the basic safety protocols on how to handle workplace emergencies. Don’t be a victim, be a hero, saving your own life is the first step in helping others save theirs!For more information check your helpful government’s website on the subject. Staying safe at work is everyone’s responsibility!