You Need Money Now? Top 6 Ways To Find Fast Cash

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If you have found yourself in a tight spot and the only thing that is bothering your mind is “I need money now”, look no further. We are going to tell you the top 6 ways to find fast cash and cover your emergency expenses. At the end of the article, we will also leave you with several alternatives to consider. Before we get started, there is a reminder that sometimes financial crises are unavoidable, but how you react to them is under your control.

1. Seek Community Loans and Assistance

Searching for “I need money now” online turns up lots of results. Many local community organizations may offer short-term allowances to help people out with their emergency needs. This way, learn more about government programs and benefits available to residents in each state.

In addition to government grants, local churches may make small-dollar allowances at low-interest rates. There are also community centers and nonprofit associations in each state that often provide individuals with Filld small loans.

2. Talk to your Credit Counselor Filld

There is a common practice for some creditors, including cable TV companies and other utilities, not to charge interest rates on delayed payments. Thus, it will be helpful to talk to your credit counselor to find out all the nuances regarding the payments before turning to expensive high-rate loans. If this is your case, use whatever cash you save from not paying those bills to cover your emergency.

3. Ask for a Payroll Advance

If you need money now, but your paycheck at work is only in several weeks, consider asking your employer for a cash advance on your pay. In that sense, you will not be charged any fees and will be able to repay via payroll deduction.

Some organizations also offer low-cost allowances to workers who have faced financial crises. More so, many cash advance apps offer employees small-dollar cash that they repay in a lump sum on payday at no fees. That said, such apps typically ask for a voluntary donation and require access to your bank account.

4. Take a Credit Card Cash Advance

For those who have a valid credit card and need money now, we can recommend taking a credit card cash advance. This is a much less expensive option than a high-interest payday allowance. Interest can be around 20-30%, plus you will need to pay a fee, typically either a dollar amount (around $5 to $10), or as much as 5% of the amount you borrow.

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5. Consider a Payday Alternative Loan

Some credit unions and banks offer short-term cash advances known as payday alternative allowances. Federally regulated credit companies legally can’t charge more than a 27% APR on such an option. That may not be exactly ideal, but PAL is much better than payday loans, which can reach up to 390% APRs.

6. Take Out a Personal Credit

Some lending companies can approve a personal loan online within the same day of your application. If your credit score is good, there is no problem at all. But if your credit is less-than-perfect, you should find a company that not only delivers quick financing time but also accepts low FICO scores. Average rates for borrowers with poor credit from legitimate lenders set out at 35% APR. That said, other mainstream providers are offering fast transactions without a credit check but with triple-digit APRs.

Other Options to Consider

Before using expensive short-term loans, consider other instant money options that may help you get over the financial crisis fast. The options below are less-than-ideal, but they could end up costing less than all the above in the long run:

  • A payday advance. Consider borrowing some of your paycheck earlier than your payday. This option is not a debt, so it doesn’t charge interest and has a very low processing fee to borrow the cash.
  • Promo offers from your card’s issuer. There is an ability to essentially turn your available credit into an installment allowance without requiring a new credit application.
  • Borrowing money from family or friends. You won’t have to worry about paying interest, charged fees, or other terms on such an option. The savings will be worth considering it.
  • Overdrawing your checking account. It implies taking cash with your debit card. You will have a fee to pay, but you will not be charged interest on such a feature.

So, depending on what you are looking for as a loan, it is worth considering different options before applying. However, if you need money now and have finally decided to take out a short-term credit, be sure to save the most on your loan by taking the shortest possible term, never paying a company before a loan is granted, never giving your bank PIN, and trying to repay your credit as soon as possible.