How do most chemical burns happen?


Chemical burns are terribly painful; they can easily go from a surface wound to a deep wound or an infection that can lead to loss of limbs and even death. When you are burned, be it with fire or chemicals, it is best to seek the help of an attorney to mitigate burn injury in the workplace.

What is a Chemical Burn?

Chemical burns occur when the skin comes in contact with a chemical or substance that is not intended for direct skin contact and the skin begins to deteriorate. Chemical burns can happen anywhere, they can happen with industrial chemicals or even with the household chemicals that we use every day like bleach and some cleaning solutions. 

In most cases, in order for a chemical burn to develop, the skin does have to be in contact with the chemical for some time and it does need to be a noxious chemical that is dangerous to human skin. Chemical burns do vary in severity, just like normal burns that you might get when coming in contact with fire or other hot surfaces. Some chemicals are more noxious than others and some are only mildly irritating to the skin. 

A chemical burn can happen at any workplace where there are chemicals that might damage the skin or that are not intended for direct contact with the skin. Chemical burns are first treated with washing to remove the rest of the chemical and its residue from the skin. The burn is then dressed and treated to help prevent infection and to help the skin heal as best as possible. 

Where Do Most Chemical Burns Occur?

Chemical burns most often happen in workplaces where chemicals are used for daily work or where access to these chemicals is not severely restricted. Burns most often occur on the arms and the legs of those that are burned as they are often the result of dropping the chemical or of spills. This type of injury is not all that uncommon. They occur every single day and they can occur in workplaces where chemicals are not often used as well. 

What is the Most Common Cause of Chemical Burns at Work?

The majority of chemical burns that occur at a workplace are the result of mishandling, improper storage, and improper training and safety measures. In many cases, those that are burned badly by chemicals at work are those workers that might not have been briefed about the proper handling of chemicals, they might not know how to be safe around them, and they may not be aware of just how dangerous those chemicals really are. 

When it comes to improper storage it is also important to note that chemical storage often becomes laxer as more days go by without incident. A great way to look at this is by example. Say you have been using a cleaning agent for some time and you have not been harmed by it, so you become less and less concerned with the overall safety of using it. Though you are aware that the chemical agent is dangerous, since you have not been harmed by it you are not going to be as diligent when it comes to using and storing it. That does not mean that it is no longer dangerous, you are just less careful with it. 

There are also safety measures to keep in mind. When you are not given the proper safety measures, the proper safety equipment to keep you safe and covered, or the proper items to store the chemicals, it can become easier and easier to become injured and no know what to do about it. Make sure to always seek the advice of professional storage companies such as DSI Direct.

Household chemicals – Photo by: Dennis van Zuijlekom- Source: Flickr Creative Commons

What to Do if you Get a Chemical Burn at Work

The first step is to get proper care and proper medical attention. The longer a dangerous chemical stays on the skin, the more damage that it does. You want to wash the chemical off and seek medical care as soon as possible. After seeking medical care you also want to take the time to make an incident report, to make a report of what happened, and to think about if you want to start a lawsuit or not. If you are thinking of filing suit, it is always best to get a lawyer that can help you with that process. 

A lawyer is going to be able to help you get your lawsuit in order, figure out what paperwork and proof you need, and also help you determine how much you should be seeking in damages. A suit for a chemical burn can be harder to prove so making sure you have enough evidence, that you are keeping track of your case, and that you are building a strong case can make all the difference. 

Lawyers are going to be able to help you understand the proceedings, understand what is being done and how the entire process works, and they can help you build a strong case that is going to hold water when it does go to court. Damages from this type of injury can be used to help cover time off work, pain and suffering and can also be used to help pay medical bills and other expenses that are associated with the injury and with the burn itself and any complications. 

No one wants to deal with something as serious as a chemical burn but with the right help and the right lawyer, you can get your case handled and you can get compensation for your injury so that you can start to recover and so that you can move on with your life and heal from your injury. Chemical burns are terrible, the right lawyer can help you get the damages that you need to be able to pay your bills and get on with your life after this type of horrific injury and the pain and suffering that goes along with them both in the short and long term.