Is Emergency Medicine The Right Career Choice For You? Dr. Walid Alhoussan Explains

nurse wearing gloves

When you decide that you’d like to go into the medical field, it can be tough to figure out what type of medicine is the best choice for you. While emergency medicine is an exciting option, it’s not the right choice for everyone. Here, Walid Alhoussan explains how to decide whether emergency medicine is the right choice for your future.

How Do You Handle Pressure?

Working in the emergency room is a high-pressure job that can be tough to manage daily, according to Walid Alhoussan. If you’re able to maintain your cool when stress levels rise, it’s possible that you may thrive in an emergency medicine department. If you find that high-stress levels make it tough to do your job, you may be better suited for a medical environment that allows you to take things at your own pace (such as providing scheduled patient care).

What Goals Do You Have Outside of Your Career?

If you’re happily single or your children are old enough that they don’t require 24/7 attention, you may find it easier to manage a career in emergency medicine. Long, odd hours and cases that roll into your off-time can make it tough to have a family and provide high-level patient care successfully. If you love providing emergency medical care but are also interested in maintaining a regular family schedule, you may want to think about returning to emergency medicine later in your career, recommends Dr. Walid Alhoussan.

How’s Your Bedside Manner?

Often, people who seek emergency care are under extremely high levels of stress, which can make it tough to maintain your composure while providing care. It’s important that you operate with compassion and understanding with emergency medicine patients. If you’re able to remember that patient stress is likely directed at the situation–not the care team–you may find that it’s easier to enjoy a career as an emergency medical provider, says Walid Alhoussan.