Choose the Right Game to Increase Your AU Winning Chances

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When playing casino games, there is a higher probability of the house winning your funds. Casino games have a built-in edge designed to reduce the winning chances of the huge funds by the players. Although the house edge reduces your chances of winning huge payouts, there are games with a good house edge at some of the best Australian online casino 2022.

Every casino game has a different house edge. Specific casino games have a low house edge, and the players have a good chance of winning. Keno is the casino game with the highest house edge, while blackjack has the lowest. Choosing a suitable game influences your winning chances.

Know the Game Rules

Every AU casino wants to make profits; hence they always have some local rules that may not be entirely visible. Some casinos have rules that give them the legal right to own your real money if you lose an incredible amount. It is advisable to carefully read and know more about the rules of the best online casino before gambling. Most AU online casinos also have some mobile slots games with no deposit bonus available for the players.  

Reading the rules of a casino before playing a game is vital because it varies in every casino based on location. Carefully review the privacy policies and terms for any flaws and note any point that helps protect your real money. Also, ensure to know the rules and regulations of any online slots game of dollar deposit casinos before playing. Besides, if you like to gamble at crypto casinos, then it can be interesting for you to read that ABA releases a cryptocurrency legal white paper.

It is pretty impossible to win a game without knowing how to play. Each game has rules that enable players to understand how the game works. When starting a game, your main objective should be to win; hence having an idea about the game is crucial. Learning and understanding the rules of each game you play is vital. Some of the importance of knowing the rules of casino games are:

  • Understanding the game rules gives the players a degree of freedom.
  • These rules enable the players to understand the game and place wagers.
  • The rules supply the player with all the necessary information to enjoy the game.

Only Play Games With a Low House Edge

House edge is how AU casinos make money and is an advantage built in casino games to favour the casino. It is a mathematical advantage the house has over the player. Casino operators offer a low house edge to let the gamblers think they have a higher chance of winning. A high house edge is basically for the operators to make a good profit. 

When looking for a casino, choose the best online casino that offers games with a low house edge to increase your chances of winning. Play at online casinos that provide casino bonus for the players. Some of these bonuses are deposit and no deposit bonus, free spins and free slot games. The following are some of the games with low house edge:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Pai Gow Poker

Know the Odds and Minimum Bet

Online casino games have various return rates for the players because there are games with high odds and others with low odds. For a higher chance of winning, the player should pick games with competitive odds. The players can analyze the house edge of the games they want to play to determine the odds of winning. 

The amount placed as a wager during a game determines the AU player’s winnings. The lower the house edge of a game, the higher the player’s winning chances. Choosing games with less than a 5% house edge gives the players a higher chance of winning. Also, ensure you check the minimum bet when choosing a game. 

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You can look at the minimum game bet to ensure it is within your budget. If you want to test out the game first, it is advisable to play the games with a low minimum stake. Placing low wagers will help you enjoy the game while reducing the risks of losing a lot of real money at once. However, players not on a tight budget can choose to take significant risks and bet high.

Check for Suitable Casino Games Techniques

It is best to start in these games by placing a small wager or minimum if you are new to the game. Placing a minimum wager will enable you to get comfortable with the game and learn the rules. You can use the no deposit bonus for a free trial at casinos with several bonuses. When you understand the game better, you can increase your wager size comfortably.  

Playing table games more relaxedly helps not to lose funds quickly. Table games often take time, and the player can sit out rounds to take time and draw out money. Betting strategies can help the player make straight bets based on the previous ones. 

There are betting systems that involve the players doubling their bet each time they lose. In the short term, betting techniques can help to improve the chances of the player winning. However, these techniques cannot improve the player’s odds in the long term. The betting techniques must keep the house edge. Only use betting systems for a few rounds to avoid loss. 

Set a Time Limit and Take Breaks

Before starting the game, set a time limit for the hours you want to spend while gambling. You can set a time limit on your game and stop playing the game once the time is over. A designated time limit for gambling will help avoid getting carried away and causing long-term losses. 

Gambling is a game of chance that can be stressful hence the need for breaks. Spending a lot of time gambling might affect your concentration and ability to make the right decisions. Taking deep breaths and staying hydrated for a few minutes can help you to clear your mind and make better decisions.  

Know the RTP Percentage

The RTP percentage of a game helps the AU players determine whether a game is worth playing. It is the number of funds that return to the player over time. The higher an RTP percentage of a game, the better the chances of winning the game. It also helps the players determine the advantage the house has over them. 

Checking the RTP percentage of a game before hitting the jackpot is vital to know the expected amount to get back. The RTP percentage is a long-term average which may vary from the player’s result and lead to a considerable loss. Although RTP is vital when choosing a game, the player must take the frequency and volatility of the game into account.

The best payout online casino games with high volatility is low; however, if there is a payout, it is often huge. Players can use the RTP of casino games in the paytable or game’s rules to their advantage by choosing the games with high RTP. The RTP is a long-term average; hence the player can only win some times. 


There are several blackjack variations with various house edges depending on the casino. Most casino players know that the blackjack house edge is one of the best, favouring the players. The casino game has one of the lowest house edges among other games. It is good to know the house edge of the variant of blackjack you wish to play.

Blackjack is a game of chance that involves the players acquiring cards with a total value of a maximum of 21. The general indication of blackjack house edge is 0.5% based on the basic strategy and standard rules. However, the house edge might increase slightly if you need to learn about blackjack. The following are some of the blackjack variants in AU casinos:

  • European Blackjack
  • Spanish 21
  • Classic Blackjack

Punto Banco

Punto Banco involves 8 decks of 52 cards and the players playing against the house. Each hand must have a minimum number of cards which is two and a maximum of three. The maximum number of players in the punto banco is 14. Three bets are available in this casino game: Egalite, Bank, and Player. 

The three bets in punto banco games have different house edges available for the players depending on the casino. When playing the Bank, a house edge of 1.17% is available for the players. There is also a house edge of 1.36% when playing the Player bet. However, the Egalite is not advisable for play because it has a house edge of 14%. 

Video poker

Video poker is a game of skill available at online casinos. All the game variations offer different house edges and unique pay tables for the players. There are variations of video poker games that have a good house edge for players. Understanding the game can also help the player make good decisions during the game that can yield high returns. 

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When playing the Jacks or Better variant of video poker, the game has a 99.46% of return for the player. The Deuces Wild provides the players with a house edge of 0.71% when using a good strategy. There is also a video poker variant called Joker Poker that provides the players with a house edge of 0.64%. 


Roulette is a mid-range game with a fair house edge that can influence the players’ winning chances. However, a low house edge does not automatically determine that the player can win on every wager. Knowing the house edge helps the players make better decisions and reduce losses when placing a wager. 

All the variations of roulette have different house edges available to the players. The following are the variants of roulette along with their house edge:

  • French Roulette – 1.35% house edge for even money bets
  • European Roulette –  2.7% house edge
  • American roulette – 5.26% house edge


There is a wide range of house edges in craps because of the multiple wagering options available in the game. The game also has a wide range of rules; however, craps offer the players one of the lowest house edges. Various house edges in craps are often expressed per bet resolved, roll, and bet made. The house edge often ranges from 1.4% to 13.9%


Another casino game with a good house edge that increases the winning chances of the players is baccarat. In baccarat, the player’s goal is to have the best hand dealt between them and the banker. The winning hand has the added number of the final digits closest to nine. 

One of the best features of baccarat is its low house edge in every casino. The following table comprises the various house edges in baccarat:  

Wagering PropositionHouse EdgePays
Tie14%8 to 1
Banker1.06%1 to 1
Player1.24%1 to 1

Also, the information about baccarat variations for a newbie will be helpful for every gambler.


There is a wide range of casino games available for players. All the casino games have an in-built house edge, reducing the chances of winning substantial potential payouts. A low house edge guarantees a straight win; however, it will help make better decisions. It is advisable to mainly play games with low house edges to increase your chances of winning.