June 2018

Married couple

How can marriage counseling help your relationship?

Many couples learn rather quickly how difficult marriage can be, but before they resort to divorce, marriage counseling often seems the only viable alternative. However, many people actually wonder whether counseling really is a valid …

Vegan diet

6 Easy Dietary Changes to Help Reduce Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory diets have become all the rage in recent years, thanks mostly to studies that have linked chronic inflammation to illnesses as diverse and life-threatening as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s. The result …

Fruit and vegetables

5 Delicious Snacks To Add To Your Keto Diet Plan

If there’s one type of meal that’s difficult to eat healthily, its snacks. Whether you’re a keto veteran or a newcomer to healthy eating, you probably know that finding a snack that’s tasty, convenient and …